By using AVB / TSN (Audio Video Bridging / Time Sensitive Networking), you can make any video or audio appliance into a deterministic network appliance. Convert any camera into a network AVB camera, any display into a network display, any microphone into a network microphone, and any speaker into a network speaker, etc. Or you can do all of these at once in the same system, with everything synchronized and with high QoS (quality of service) and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

AVB, an open standard, allows your devices to plug-and-play and behave in a deterministic low-latency way. With our innovative AVB solutions, DDC provides the video bridging services needed to assist you in converting your digital network into an integrated audio visual network.

DDC’s AVB/TSN IP and AVB solutions are based on hardware acceleration and years of sophisticated engineering effort. A UNH certified solution, DDC’s AVB technologies allow clients to move rapidly into deployment and speed up their time to market with confidence. The DDC IP provides all the fundamental operations of AVB/TSN, in compliance with IEEE standards, including 1722, 1722.1, 802.1Qat/MRP/MSRP/MVRP/vlan, 802.1as/PTP, 802.1Qav/FQTSS, MAAP, media clock recovery, etc. With these and many other capabilities, clients can offer products that use standard network cabling or BroadR-Reach solutions.

To make designing, debugging, and configuring your AVB/TSN system easier and more productive,
use DDC’s AVDECC Controller / AVB Manager.

AVB/TSN Endpoint / Dev-kit

DDC’s AVB is highly customizable and is designed to support large scale, advanced AVB networks within subnets. DDC IP can support both audio and video. The IP implements 802.1AS, 802.1Qat, 8021Qav and 1722, which respectively define precise timing/synchronization protocol (PTP), media stream reservation protocol (MSRP), forwarding and queuing for time-sensitive media streams, and transport protocol for media streams.


  • Multi-channel Pro Audio
  • Multi-channel Pro Video
  • Automotive driver-assist
  • Automotive in-cabin entertainment
  • Military aircraft, ground vehicle and aircraft video/audio distribution
  • Anywhere TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) is needed
DDC AVB Data Sheet


Audio Visual Network Dev Kit

AVDECC Controller / AVB Manager

DDC’s AVDECC Controller (an AVB manager) is a PC application that is used for device enumeration, discovery and control. It works with DDC’s AVB solutions or other AVB solutions. It makes designing, debugging, and configuring your AVB/TSN system easier and more productive.


  1. Discovers all AVB endpoints on the network
  2. Acquires, locks, or reboots any AVB endpoint
  3. Makes connections, connecting talkers to listeners
  4. Logs endpoints and stream info
  5. Highlights compatible connection possibilities


AVB technologies management software