About DDC

At DDC, we apply our hardware and software expertise, along with the a massive portfolio of Intellectual Property in video and imaging, to provide our industry-leading technology clients with craftsman digital design services (chip, board, software and system), intellectual property and prototype/production.

We leverage our expertise and IP, as well as our VAADR and other product lines, to facilitate services and product derivatives for solutions to customer design and application needs.

DDC Profile

  • 25 engineers (architecture, r/d, modeling, chip design (FPGA/SoC/ASIC), software, board and system design
  • Operating since 2000
  • Low attrition, stable small business, well established
  • Average experience: 20+ years, with approximately 1/3 of our team have advanced degrees
  • An extensive state-of-the-art IP portfolio in video/imaging and communications
  • Offer several COTS products (embedded video recorders, VoIP devices, image enhancement platforms, and more)
  • World class client list
  • Approximately 70% of DDC business is in video/imaging and 30% in communications/networking
  • Cage Code: 3D5W6
  • DUNS Number: 08-772-5110
  • NAICS Code: 541330


  • ISO9001:2015 Certified
  • ITAR
  • Experience with DO-254/DO-178
  • Various airborne MIL specs, like MIL-810B and others
  • UL/ETL, CE, FCC, and others
  • Xilinx Premier Partner since 2011
  • Altera DSN (Design Services Network)

The DDC Team

Most of the DDC employees are 10 – 20 year design engineering veterans, and have been with DDC for many years. Our designers have advanced degrees in communications, DSP and video, and are responsible for providing countless customer solutions in the field. They are dedicated to making sure your project comes in on time and within budget.

DDC’s business operations encompass:

  • Engineering Team
  • R&D Team
  • Operations Team
  • Management Team
  • Sales/Marketing Team
  • Customer Support Team

DDC’s Value-Added Relationships

DDC has extensive relationships with many technology suppliers. We’ve nurtured and maintained solid relationships with many different chip, EDA tool and other suppliers over many years. As well, we use several key partners for fabrication and manufacturing, where our processes have long been wrung out for a high quality product delivery.

We place a high value on using the best tools in order to provide our customers with the highest quality designs and products with the shortest time cycles. This allows you to bring your product to market much faster.

With our Premier Partners, we have long established contacts deep within the organizations. We evangelize our high quality design processes using their services, tools and support at our side.

We have significant relationships with, and make extensive use of the tools and services of Altera, Altium, Google, Mathworks, Mentor Graphics, Microsemi, and Xilinx.

Integrator Customers

Many of our customers are systems integrators who design and assemble systems for their customers in a variety of applications and in numerous industries. DDC provides our integrator-customers with a competitive advantage: we leverage our IP cores and associated marketing materials and white papers to help our integrator-customers deliver a competitive advantage and also the highest quality products in the shortest time.

This advantage often allows our customers to win the bid for the project at hand.

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