Start Your Path Towards MAPS Framework (MAF) Compliance

Work with an FPGA-Based Certified AVB IP Core

Eliminate Interoperability Worries

Work with DDC’s AVNU certified AVB IP Core to ensure interoperability with various AVB switch vendors and endpoints. 

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Shorten Your Time to MAF Compliance

DDC continues to be a valued AVB design and integration partner to help customers speed their time-to-MAF compliance and AVNU certification for their AVB equipped products.

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Customized AVB Support to Fit Your Needs

DDC can easily accommodate and fulfill integration and design requests as well as provide post-sale, ongoing support.

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Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) is a U.S. Army program with a long-term aim towards standardizing the way any active protection system or future vehicle protection system is fielded. It incorporates an architecture, technical and non-technical standards, and the steps required to become compliant.

MAPS integrates Modular APS Framework (MAF)-compliant components, sensors, and countermeasures in a common framework that helps detect and defeat existing and growing threats, ensuring the protection of the MAPS-equipped vehicles and their occupants.

Simply put, the MAPS solution protects armored vehicles and crews from rockets and missiles. Its success depends on reliable, deterministic, low latency AVB communication among MAF compliant products, from a variety of companies.

Work with an AVNU Certified AVB IP Core

Key to success of the MAPS program is ensuring interoperability perfection, at the moment of truth. By integrating with a certified AVB IP Core, MAPS companies are taking strong steps towards eliminating interoperability worries.

Subjected to rigorous interoperability testing, DDC’s AVNU Certified AVB IP works with various AVB switch vendors and endpoints. It also has proven its quality and performance through a number of successful field installations.

As a member of the AVNU Alliance, DDC understands the intricacies of AVB and as a result, maintains full access and control of its entire AVB IP suite. This means that as client specifications change, so can DDC cores.

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Leverage DDC Integration Expertise

In 2016, DDC was engaged by a key, early MAPS company seeking to have DDC provide a custom packaged version of its AVB IP Core. That led to follow-on modifications as a need for scaling to a design with a higher number of ports had arisen. DDC successfully met this challenge and continues to be a valued AVB design and integration partner to this customer.

As a full offering, engineering consulting and manufacturing firm with an experienced, tenured engineering staff with deep, working knowledge of AVB, DDC is the provider of choice for MAPS companies seeking to effectively speed their time to MAF compliance as well to AVNU certification of their AVB equipped products.

Choose your Desired Level of AVB Support

No matter your level of in-house engineering capacity and or FPGA expertise, DDC can provide tailored support for your MAPS / AVB integration project.
Support can take many forms, including:

AVB IP Core with Integration Assistance – we will provide you the core and documentation and will assist as you integrate the core with your FPGA design. Includes access to DDC AVB engineers for phone, email, or if needed, in-person consultation.

AVB IP Core Integration & Custom Firmware – we can not only integrate our AVB core with your FPGA design, but also develop custom firmware, according to your specifications, to support other activities.

Design & Layout an FPGA AVB Board – we can design and layout an FPGA AVB board that fits your application. Since our AVB core can accommodate smaller less expensive FPGAs, we’ll provide an optimal design, taking into account your cost and performance needs.

AVB Conversion Module – we can design and layout a small form factor FPGA AVB board with conversion application firmware. Additionally, given our product design and manufacturing expertise, we can design a ruggedized enclosure to house, protect, and physically attach to and interface with your system. DDC can provide both prototype and low volume production units as well as perform all necessary testing, including: thermal, environmental, and mechanical shock.

DDC fully develops and supports all code, hardware, and firmware in and from its headquarters facilities in Arlington, Heights, IL.