Unmatched Embedded Expertise

Video and Advanced Data Recorders

  • Compact, ruggedized video and data recorders deployed in fighter jets, UAVs, ground vehicles, and other military aircraft.
  • Real-time recording in grayscale or color imagery; record RAW, compressed, or compressed-lossless imagery and associated meta-data up to 16T.
  • Debrief with advanced image analysis, image processing, and detail extraction.
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  • Avnu Certified AVB core chosen by the US Army MAPS (Modular Active Protection Systems) program for Tier-1 Defense Contractors.
  • AVB network provides split-second communication for sensors and countermeasure systems.
  • Customized for military vehicle situational awareness and response, aircraft and naval video, and audio distribution.
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Video and Image Processing Solutions

  • Expertise encompassing everything from sensors to displays.
  • Local Area Processing (LAP) enhances visible details of under or over-exposed images.
  • Video and Image correction and enhancement.
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