DDC has developed several ASICs, FPGAs, SoCs and boards for medical imaging applications, for such companies as GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Loral and others. Specifically, DDC has worked with angiography lineups, CT scanners, PET scanners (coincidence detection), all in the image processing sections of these products. DDC has developed very high speed portions of image reconstruction systems, including such functions as very high speed frequency domain filtering (FFT, IFFT, etc.), lossless compression, distortion correction, various weighting and extrapolation functions, warp, zoom, image reconstructions, etc.

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  • DDC has developed the hardware and also developed the driver and application software, both in image reconstruction, image processing, and in control. DDC has also developed and implemented a sophisticated imaging system for DNA slide analysis, including all of the camera control. We have also co-developed a high speed finger-print recognition system. See product examples.
  • DDC has developed several FPGAs and software for medical control applications for angiography lineups, fitness machines (heart rate monitor), ECG equipment (16 analog channel control, with remote video switching, optical data transfer, etc.), EEG equipment, audiometric brainwave analyzers, eye motion equipment, camera controllers, etc. DDC has extensive experience in developing GUIs to control such equipment as well, both for test and product uses. As an example, DDC has developed a 2 board product (with FPGAs and software) for Toshiba which interfaced and controlled: a CT data acquisition board (DAS) to accept the actual scan information, motor control board for control of the gantry including rotation, the X-Ray source for configuration of X-ray power level (eV) and implementing safety controls, the slip ring to send the high speed formatted scan data to the non-rotating side (stator) using up to four 2 Gbps links, the housing FAN for thermal management, etc.
  • DDC has extensive experience in developing audio stimulus and retinal stimulus for EEG correlation of external stimulus. This involved developing FPGAs and software to provide AM and FM modulated tones with very high precision and sampling rates on 12 different channels, providing lightbar stimulus, and writing the Windows XP WDM drivers which controlled the system. We also developed for GE a board and FPGAs for a hear-rate monitor which included the optical data flow from the apparatus, and subsequent control.  
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