DDC has a wide breadth of automotive electronics experience specializing in video and driver assistance applications.  DDC is familiar with and have substantially used the vehicle simulators commonly used for validation, and have significant experience in the rigors of automotive design and practices, and a wide breadth of applications and customer base. The company has extensive experience and has done countless chips in engine controllers, UART/Comm control channels, servo control, gyro control, ADC, DAC, RDC interfacing, transcendental function generation, transmission controllers, CAN bus interfaces, injector control, protected outputs, H-Bridge, sensor access, Power steering Controllers, Position/torque inputs, filtering, end of life replacements, PID controllers, MP3, Voice Activated/controlled system, drive-by-wire vision systems, night vision, etc.
  • The hardware advantage allows for unsurpassed algorithmic performance, particularly with video/multimedia applications where the demands of the requirements drive solutions to higher integration and performance. As well, these cores tightly couple into SOC (System On a Chip) implementations allowing for very small packaging, low cost, and a design that minimizes obsolescence issues.  As well, we have been doing this sort of work for 10+ years, serving the needs of the automotive industry, and have developed a suite of tools, circuits and software, finely tuned for optimal performance efficient implementation. See product examples.
    •  All main pixel processing uses hardware acceleration for max performance
    • Video electronics for rear-view mirror vision system
    • Lane guidance systems for Cadillac
    • Various graphics controllers
    • Vision based airbag deployment system for GM
    • Video electronics for several different LCD panels for various uses
    • 2D graphics acceleration with complex overlays, etc
    • Night vision / IR video systems for all sorts of applications
    • Image stabilization
    • Image enhancement: sharpening, color correction, white balance, spatial filtering, temporal filtering GPS system for Sagem/Renault
    See product examples.
  • DDC has developed several systems (where DDC technology was the core) for vehicles including: a high speed imaging (500 frames/sec) system, a 4 channel camera system with recorder for driver assistance, Bradley Fighting Vehicle driver display/instrumentation/camera-processing, M1 tank digital video periscope with full image processing lineup, submarine torpedo handling electronics and control console, naval broadband receivers, etc. See product examples.
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