The DDC Video and Advanced Data Recorders (VAADR®) provide real-time airborne/ground-vehicle recording of high-bandwidth 16 bit IR, CCD, or CMOS grayscale or color imagery, in rugged DVR applications such as fighter jets, other military aircraft, military ground vehicles and space craft. VAADR can record RAW, compressed, or compressed-lossless imagery and associated meta-data. The RAW imagery recording and associated playback from this solid state data recorder allows unprecedented advanced image analysis and processing during debriefing and analysis.

VAADR solid state DVR models provide multiple channels, with mixed record/playback and a variety of conventional VCR type controls. These digital flight data acquisition units are used with VAADRView, a mix of very advanced image analysis and processing during playback. Additionally, they handle metadata acquisition, synchronization, management, and display. VAADR mission data recorders are generally extensible to handle custom formats, image processing, and other codecs as well. These rugged DVRs are in use in aircraft, fighter jets and UAVs (where small SWaP is key).

VAADR® Rugged DVR Features for Air, Space and Ground Applications

  • Solid state data recorder and video recorder
  • Simultaneous record and playback
  • Record synchronized metadata with the video
  • No special debriefing station required (records to standard formats)
  • Ability to record RAW, compressed, or compressed-lossless data
  • Enhance the video during debriefing
  • Video portability
  • Plug-and-play USB2.0/USB3.0
  • VAADR® Control Console (for lab use, testing, debug)
  • VAADR® debriefing software (VAADRView), providing instant access to the recorded video (from the VAADR or from a PC), with extensive image enhancement and data visualization capabilities
  • Imagery can be extracted for analysis by your own or other 3rd party processing and analysis
  • VAADR Removable Memory Module (VRMM) SSD
  • 48GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1T, 2T, 4T, and 6T VRMM’s available
  • Optional debrief station (not required… useful for older USB2.0 VRMMs where faster data extraction is desired than can be provided on USB2.0)
VAADR MIL-N Data Sheet


Embedded DVRs
  • Built-in SSD
  • 512GB, 1T, 2T, 4T available
  • ChemFilm coating (optionally removable)
VAADR MIL-K7 Data Sheet


Solid State DVR

Fast Debrief

Use DDC’s optional VAADR ExFilt unit for fast debrief of VRMM 2.0 devices. VRMM 2.0 devices are inherently limited by USB2.0 transfer speeds. This ExFilt unit allows for approx 5x faster transfers for such devices. (VRMM3.0 devices are not significantly benefitted by this device.) Plug your VRMM2.0 device directly into this unit, for blazing fast extraction times. This device is not needed to extract video from VRMM2.0 devices… it is only needed when significantly faster extraction is desired.

VAADR EXFilt Data Sheet


Accelerated Debrief Unit for Rugged DVR