What We Provide

Robust Hardware Acceleration

DDC offers the most powerful solution for AVB/TSN systems using Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in conjunction with an embedded processor.

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Certified and Proven AVB Expertise

Our AVB core has become the standard for many well-known companies who understand the advantage of starting with a certified AVB core for their design.

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Customized AVB Solution to Fit Your Needs

DDC can easily accommodate and fulfill integration and design requests as well as provide post-sale, ongoing support.

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What is AVB / TSN?

AVB/TSN makes it possible to deliver high volumes of data, in real time, to multiple destinations, with very low latency. And, as an open standard, it allows devices of different manufacturers to interoperate with each other. Learn more about the distinct advantages of adopting an open standard and the benefits of using FPGA in conjunction with a processor.

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DDC Image Processing Hardware

Industry Solutions


DDC’s Avnu certified AVB core has been customized for military vehicle situational awareness and response, aircraft and naval video and audio distribution.

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Pro AV

DDC’s Avnu certified AVB core has been customized for pro audio applications in performance venues and broadcasting, and pro video applications such as for television networks.

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DDC’s Avnu certified AVB core has been customized for automotive in-cabin entertainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications.

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Integration & Support

Let DDC customize our Avnu-Certified AVB IP Core to your specific requirements.