DDC has extensive experience and solutions for man-portable, ground-vehicle and aircraft imaging and recording applications, particularly with FLIR, SWIR, CCD and intensified cameras. DDC specializes in advanced applications. Things such as image stabilization, non-uniformity correction, distortion correction, super-res, LAP, stereo vision, multi-target tracking, derotation, fusion, mosaicing/stitching, etc. DDC has done everything required to do this type of video and image processing for many different types of vehicles (jets, helicopters, land vehicles, helmet displays, etc.).

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  • DDC has developed several extensive imaging systems (where DDC technology was the core) for fighter jets, UAVs, helicopters and other aircraft.  Including FLIR/CCD image processing, enhancement, and display, as well as video and data recording. DDC sells it’s VAADR Video and Data recorders into this market space as well. Also, DDC has sold most of it’s advanced processing into this space (multi-target tracking , stabilization, zoom, super-res, NUC, LAP, etc.), and has worked on various imaging applications (including cockpit displays) found on an aircraft. See product examples.
  • DDC has worked extensively with man-portable applications, is in tune with the low power requirements and small form factors, and has done several turn-key electronics / imaging processing systems for various applications, including: night vision binoculars, Kopin display – based vision system, eMagine display – based vision systems, Future Force Warrior vision system, several fusion based man-portable systems (e.g. DENVG fusion engine), UBK (Universal B-kit) electronics, ASMS, DVE, etc. We have also worked extensively with cooled, uncooled and intensified cameras used in these and other applications, have all of the electronics necessary to interface to them and enhance them. See product examples.
  • DDC has developed several systems (where DDC technology was the core) for vehicles including: a high speed imaging (500 frames/sec) system, a 4 channel camera system with recorder for driver assistance, Bradley Fighting Vehicle driver display/instrumentation/camera-processing, M1 tank digital video periscope with full image processing lineup, submarine torpedo handling electronics and control console, naval broadband receivers, etc. See product examples.
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